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FLESHLIGHT SENSATION: CANDY Fleshlight textures don't come much sweeter than Ella Hughes' Candy. The experience starts with a tight set of waves before exploding into a geometrical paradise of ribbed outer edges and pliable triangular nodules designed to tantalize the shaft. The upper chamber is where the experience gets really intense with rows of ridges that may make even the most stamina-ready man blow upon contact.
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From the first time you set eyes on this sexy redhead, you knew there was more to her than a lot of the other girls who have come and gone as adult entertainers. The catwalk grace of a runway model, in a tight 32B-24-33 package was what first caught your eye, but did you know Ella gave up a promising career as a lawyer to chase her dreams as a globally recognized superstar of sex? Ella is a brilliant girl who has managed to take a unique path from being a top student of law to becoming a top student of sex, flawlessly.

“I always thought I’d be a lawyer, but when I was in my first year of studying law at university, things changed,” Ella Hughes said in an article for the BBC. “I was working so hard - in lectures from 9am to 7pm every day - that I couldn’t find a way to earn money. I didn’t really need the money – I had a student loan – but I hate depending on people and always wanted my own money. When a friend told me about cash-in-hand modeling for amateur photographers to help their portfolios, I jumped at the chance.”

That’s all it took to launch what has become one of the fastest rises to porn superstardom in history. It may seem a strange path to some, but for a curious cutie like Ella Hughes, the rough road forward has never been much of an obstacle. “I had some reservations, because I knew it would be hard to pursue a career as a lawyer if I went into porn,” added Ella. “But I’ve always been quite sexually open. I used to go to S&M parties, and I love sex, so in the end, I decided to just try it,” she told the BBC.

Why would the BBC, one of the most prestigious media outlets in Europe devote a major feature article to the making of a major pornstar? Because Ella Hughes has that sort of magnetic charisma, and because the allure of a girl next door that nobody would ever think could be so naughty is always enough to get the mind of any voyeur going full throttle.

Keep in mind, even though she has the good girl looks of a glamour model you might expect to see barely showing anything in Playboy, Ella is actually quite willing to dive deeper and do more than most girls who have a much dirtier XXX reputation for hardcore. If you have seen Ella Hughes star in films like By Whatever Means Necessary, All Hands on Dick, Creampie My Secretary and Cherry Popping Gingers, you know that when Ella Hughes is in studio for Blacked, DDF, Brazzers or any of the other top porn production companies she always gives it her all and never wants anyone she costars with to hold anything back.

As the owner of your own Ella Hughes Fleshlight, you can now finally feel exactly what it’s like to slide your cock deep inside Ella Hughes as she moans and groans her way to the wettest orgasms for you. Feel every inch inside her, knowing all along that this isn’t some fictional adventure, this is the REAL thing thanks to the custom created Ella Hughes Fleshlight, with the only skin sleeve that Ella herself has ever approved. The prettiest girl in the world, now has her own signature sex toy and it’s available for you to get your hands on right now. It’s Flawless just like Miss Hughes, and it’s only available exclusively right here from Fleshlight!

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