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FLESHLIGHT SENSATION: CALIENTE Veronica Rodriguez is a firecracker. Similarly, her Caliente sensation is a force to be reckoned with as it was created to capture her essence and take your fantasy to another level. Smooth pleasure swirls and velvet nubs run throughout giving your cock a stimulating stroke like you've never quite felt before.
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Veronica Rodriguez is a Venezuelan porn sensation who came to Fleshlight because she wants to get even closer to her fans than ever before. She wants her fans to get inside of her, and feel what it is really like to fuck a latin pornstar! It all makes sense since Veronica’s astrological sign is Leo. She loves when all of the attention is focused on her and because of this she loves her adoring fans and treats them well.

Veronica comes from south of the border so she is a real, bonafide Latina chick. She is petite standing at only only 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs about 99 pounds. That means you can easily pick her up, put her on the end of a cock and spin her around, making her the perfect cutie. She has great body measurements of 32B-25-34, and her booty does POP, as those measurements would suggest.

Ms. Rodriguez has an interesting history that is quite scintillating. She used to be Catholic, when she lived with her family. She wasn’t allowed to commune with boys too much, so her first kiss was with a girl. Soon though, she moved to the US and experienced the freedom that a less conservative culture offers, and according to the hot brunette, she went wild.

Before she got into porn, she was working as a salesperson in the mall at one of those kiosks. She offered passersby products, and wouldn’t leave them alone until they bought them. She was pretty good at her job, but even though she worked so much, she couldn’t afford her college. She knew she needed to find something else. Soon she started modeling, and one time she got offered a part as an extra that paid well. She found it was a porn when she arrived, and kept coming back to observe in the background until she decided to become the main event herself!

If you’re familiar with her body of work, then you will know that Veronica Rodriguez is a squirter. At first when she discovered her talent for female ejaculation she had never heard of it. She was embarrassed. She didn’t even know if it was normal or not. Her girlfriends also didn’t know! But when she came to porn she learned more about it and that people actually do find it very sexy. At first she held back her squirt, but now she really lets her juices take flight with each deep orgasm that ripples through her body.

Veronica is a smart girl with her very own website where she posts lots of super hot stuff that you can watch while you are using a personalized Fleshlight made in her image. She has live shows where you can interact with her in real time. She will do what you want to see if you ask nicely! She also does shoot her own content, mostly with beautiful Latina pornstars as her cohorts and sometimes a guy with a sufficiently large cock to satisfy her ever ready cravings. You can be that guy when you experience her amazing Fleshlight with a super sensitive texture inside that will put you on edge pretty quickly.

As you probably already know from reading so far, Rodriguez is a pretty popular cutie. She has so many followers on Twitter that she hardly knows what to do with them, and they are all her adoring fans. So she posts pics of her life, which include awesome vacation activities, and behind the scenes candids from her real life. She also has her very own YouTube channel where she posts some rated PG-13 versions of her videos so everyone can enjoy her sexy body wherever they are. Of course she also has an Instagram featuring dreamy pics of her private life!

Before porn, Veronica was a shy girl, and now through porn she has learned that it’s OK to let it all out once in a while. She loves to work with both guys and girls equally, and has shared the screen a few times with Latina MILF Lisa Daniels, who is one of her favorite pussies to lick. She has also worked with another brunette, Riley Reid a bunch of times, and she can’t wait to see her cute perky tits in person once more. As for the guys she does love the tan cock. Anthony Rosano is one of her favorite guys to work with, and she absolutely adores mega star Manuel Ferrera, evidenced by the fact that she worked with him at least 6 times!

Veronica hasn’t done any anal scenes yet, and while she says that she is willing to try it, so many fans are hopeful it will happen soon. When she does do anal, we hope she will also give us a good look back there so that we can make a Fleshlight model of her backdoor for you to enjoy as much as her pussy! Ms. V is a completely bisexual girl who has done lots of lesbian scenes and she also likes to swallow after giving a BJ, because spitting is for losers! Most of the time she wears her pussy hair shaved completely, because she likes the way it feels and she knows most guys prefer it that way, and she is all about her fans!

You may have seen Ms. Rodriguez referred to as Veronica Rodriguez or under a few other aliases including Barbie, Barbie Bree or Barbie Booty, because she took a few months to settle on the perfect porn name, but now you can call her Veronica Rodriguez, and here you can have access to what is basically her real pussy in the form of a Fleshlight sleeve. If you’ve ever wanted to see what she was like, you do not have to hop on a plane to Miami, LA or Venezuela to catch her in the act; you can just pop your rod into one of these toys and get the full Ms. Rodriguez experience.

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