Yasmin Premium Lifelike Sex Doll

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Yasmin Premium Lifelike Sex Doll is a high-quality sex doll with a wide range of customization options. The doll is made from TPE material, which is an odorless, durable and more realistic material than silicone. It is also lightweight and easy to use. This makes it a great choice for many people.
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Product Description


Yasmin Premium Lifelike Sex Doll is made of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE). It has soft life-like skin with a fully articulated posable metal skeleton.

The TPE material is very durable, and it can last for years if taken care of properly. However, it is porous and requires more cleaning than silicone. Make sure to clean the doll regularly so that you can enjoy her for a long time.

This 158cm TPE doll boasts of a cute face, glowing eyes, long hair and a angelic body with realistic H-Cup breasts and an enormous butt. Her body also comes with a steel skeleton and movable joints to enhance her flexibility and mobility.

TPE is a relatively cheap material that can give you the same excitement as silicone. It is also much softer and responsive to touch. It’s recommended to go for a premium TPE sex doll as it will give you the most realistic erotic experience, but be aware that it will take more time and effort to clean.

TPE sex dolls are gaining popularity over the recent years because they are more affordable and offer the same erotic experiences as their plastic counterparts. They are also less porous and require minimal maintenance, so they are the perfect choice for the budget-conscious buyer.


Height is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a doll. It can impact your experience and make it difficult for you to carry the doll around. Therefore, it is important to choose the right height when purchasing a sex doll.

The ideal height range for sex dolls is from 150cm to 169cm. This height range reflects real human heights and makes the doll look realistic.

These sex dolls are made from heavy metal materials that help them to have a more realistic appearance and feel. They are also fully articulated and have movable joints to enhance their flexibility during sex.

They are usually very heavy because of this and may not be easy to move. However, they are still useful and a pleasant addition to your collection of sex dolls.

Moreover, these sex dolls are highly customizable. They come in different skin tones, body shapes, and breast sizes.

This sex doll is 5ft3' tall and has a strong athletic body with beautiful thick thighs, life-size womanly measurements, and realistic natural breasts that compliment her deliciously sexy body.

She is made of quality TPE material and can pleasure you with all three of her orifices including her enormous boobs which are great for titty fucking! This sex doll is also 100% articulated with a steel skeleton and movable joints to enhance her flexibility and mobility during sex.


Sex dolls have gained a huge following among gay, lesbian and bi-sexual lovers. They can offer penetrative sex and fill the void for sexual companionship until one finds a real partner. In addition, they are also popular with photographers as they can easily change their poses and outfits to take life-like photos.

A large number of sex dolls are now made from premium TPE material. This type of material is softer and more realistic than silicone. The material also offers more durability.

These dolls are equipped with posable alloy skeletons that optimize the body’s joints, making them lighter and more flexible. This helps reduce the weight of the doll, resulting in increased sensitivity.

Moreover, TPE dolls have a minimal oily feel which is ideal for intimate play and sex. Unlike silicone, TPE dolls are waterproof, so they can be cleaned and bathed regularly.

The sex dolls’ torsos are also available in different sizes and styles to suit your preferences. They are very similar to the bodies of women and are very attractive. Their curved and muscular body shape is very hot and seductive. This makes them an excellent choice for vaginal, anal and deep throat sex

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